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How To Deal With Low Scores In School 5 Expert Tips!

How To Deal With Low Scores in School: 5 Expert Tips!

Scoring low in exams is a real problem, but not a permanent one.Exams are a significant part of student life; or you can say they are interlinked with ...

Square meter

How to Calculate Square Meter: Rectangles, Conversions, and Complex Shapes

Another day doing math, and another day trying to solve formulae and calculate stuff. Among all the head-ache-inducing formulae that you may come acro ...

exam preparation

Practical Tips to Prepare for an Exam

Do you have exams coming up and are you determined to do your best? Here are some ways to prepare for them so that you can reach your maximum potentia ...

Man Writing On Paper

How to Write About Yourself?

If you are not a boastful person or one who likes to brag about yourself, then writing autobiographical essays, cover letters, and personal statements ...

Tips to Write an Effective Statement of Purpose

Tips to Write an Effective Statement of Purpose

Whether you are applying for grad school or a scholarly grant or scholarship, a statement of purpose is the most daunting thing of the process. It is ...

Student Looking at sky

How to Be a Good Student ?

First, let’s make it clear. Being a good student is not limited to scoring good grades. There is no doubt that good grades are important in the grow ...

How To Track Your Child’s Progress

How To Track Your Child’s Tutoring Progress?

Tutoring is a long term process and it takes time before you see your child’s progress in any subject. What you can do before you start your child ...

Man thinking about an idea

How to Quickly Catch the Main Idea of Topic

It takes years of practice to master a skill as crucial as quickly catching the main idea of a topic, article, or a book. But, don’t be disheartened ...