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Why You Should Solve Previous Years’ Papers Before Exams?

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solve previous papers before exams
Summer vacations are about to end and the new year is starting soon. As students, you will be overwhelmed yet fully motivated to start the year, study hard, and prepare for the next exam season already. Yes, listening to lectures, taking notes, and revising all the concepts are great ways to prepare for exams.

However, do you know what is the most effective way out of them all? Solving the previous exam papers. It is a way not many students are familiar with, and that is why we are writing this post; to help you convince. Here are a few reasons why solving previous exams are one of the best preparatory tools:

1. Helps in Time Management

Solving previous exam papers helps in improving your time management skills by giving you exact ideas on how much time you will have to solve your paper. By having this idea, you will be able to excellently allocate time to each question and finish up in time so that you have enough time to recheck your paper before submitting it. In short, solving exam previous exam papers work like a reality check to prepare you for the actual exam!

2. Helps Understand the Exam Pattern

Learning all the concepts and syllabus by heart is one thing, but being familiar with the paper pattern is something else. This is where past papers come to the rescue; to help you get familiar with the patterns. Moreover, it will also tell you what are the most common types of topics and questions being asked frequently in all the previous exams. Here is how:

  • Previous exam papers will tell you what types of questions will be included in the real paper i,e. Long-form, short-form, etc. 
  • They will tell you about the important topics that are frequently asked in the exams.
  • You know about the format of how you need to answer the questions.

3. Encourages Motivation and Confidence

Solving previous exam papers can give you a boost of confidence and motivation before the exam considering your knowledge about the paper pattern and time frames. Knowing that you are familiar with patterns and you have enhanced time management skills will make your mind relaxed. Also, the amount of practice you will have by solving previous exam papers will automatically take all your worries away! 

4. Helps in Identifying Weaknesses

Previous exam papers work just like mock tests and help you identify your weaknesses and places where you need to improve. In short, they will give you a chance to examine your level of preparation. This way, you will know what topics and concepts you are good at and how much more you need to study to excel in your weak areas. Do you know what the best part is? You will have enough time to prepare for your actual exam as well.

Final Words

I hope that now you understand the importance of solving previous exam papers, especially in higher exams. It helps you in becoming a well-prepared student and acing your exams with excellent grades. 

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