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15 Gripping Math Podcasts for Students

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15 Gripping Math Podcasts For Students
Math is a difficult subject, and there is no doubt about this fact. Students have always struggled in the subject and find it extremely hard and boring. However, nowadays, teachers and instructors have introduced several ways to make Math interesting and fun for students. They help students develop an interest by recommending Math movies, books, and other fun material to explain the role mathematics plays in real life.

Do you know what else is super beneficial for students to enjoy and develop an interest in Mathematics? Math podcasts. Not just for students who are struggling in the subject, Math podcasts are also a treat for every Mathematics lover.

Mathematics podcasts tend to be very interesting, and listening to them is also a productive and healthy activity, especially for students. They happen to learn newer things about the subject and expand their knowledge.

So, are you interested to listen to these interesting math podcasts but don't know where to start? No worries. As always, we are here to help you out. Below, we are sharing a list of 15 interesting and informative math podcasts students will enjoy.

Whether on a bus for a commute or laying down in your room, you will love listening to these podcasts at any time. Now without making you wait any further, let us dive right in!

1. My Favorite Theorem

"My Favorite Theorem" is an interesting podcast dedicated to theorems, run by Evelyn Lamb and Kevin Knudson. In this podcast, the hosts invite different mathematicians and talk to them about theorems, how they can pair theorems with real-life objects, and what they really think about the Mathematics subject. These podcasts are very short, fun, and enjoyable for every Math student and lover.

2. The Secrets of Mathematics

The Secrets of Mathematics is a podcast series of oxford mathematicians exploring the power and beauty of mathematics and how the subject is useful in other fields like economics, medicine, and much more. The series contains a list of sensible and informative techniques and lectures from oxford mathematicians that are useful for every Math enthusiast, lover, and student.

3. Math ED Podcast

The Math ED Podcast is hosted by Samuel Otten, a student at the University of Missouri. This podcast contains interviews with famous and successful Math Education Scholars about their studies and research. The Math ED Podcast is an excellent source of intellectual talks and information about the Math subject, and it inspires the students to thrive and do more in the field.

4. A Brief History of Mathematics

As the name implies, this podcast describes a brief yet fascinating history of the subject of Mathematics. The podcast is hosted by Marcus du Sautoy, a Math professor, and he tells about the events, stories, secrets, and tales behind the subject. Moreover, the professor also talks about the contribution of well-known mathematicians in the field. Moreover, professor Marcus also emphasizes the fact that Math is the only factor responsible for the progress of Modern Science. This podcast is a treat for every Math enthusiast.

5. Breaking Math

Next on our list of gripping math podcasts, we have "Breaking Math". Every episode of this podcast covers complex concepts of Mathematics in a very interesting, enjoyable, and understandable way. The main purpose of this podcast is to make Math easy and accessible for students instead of finding the concepts hard to grasp. If you listen to this podcast daily, we guarantee you will learn something new every day.

6. The Women in Math: The Limit Doesn't Exist

As the name implies, this podcast revolves around the female mathematicians this world has seen. The podcast throws light on women who have contributed to the field of Mathematics. Not only this, but the podcast also encourages and motivates females to enroll in STEM and Math courses instead of feeling hesitant.

7. Ideas of A Complex World - Anna Seigal

Anna Seigal is an oxford mathematician, and this podcast by her is truly a masterpiece. Math and Science are two complex subjects, can these two concepts and subjects be combined? Well, Anna Seigal has logical answers to this question. The podcast is very informative and explains the complex concepts in a very easy and straightforward manner.

8. Math Dude Quick and Dirty Tips

The quick and dirty tips in this podcast by the Math Dude are blessings for all the people struggling in Math class and exams. These tips and tricks make the confusing and scary concepts of Mathematics super easy. Moreover, the host of the podcast tries to relate every Math concept with real life so that people can make sense of them. So, if you are a student suffering from Math trauma, this podcast is all you need to listen to!

9. Mathematical Moments from the American Mathematical Society

The American Mathematical Society Mathematical Moments podcast describes how Math helps in the field of science, human culture, technology, physics, and nature. In short, it basically helps people understand the importance of studying and understanding mathematics. If you are a person pursuing a degree in higher mathematics, this podcast is definitely for you.

10. Mr. Barton Maths Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Mr. Barton, who interviews people from the field of education in every episode. The podcast is very informative and full of useful knowledge like learning the techniques of lesson planning and how to write excellent multiple-choice questions. Not only this, but Mr. Barton himself has a very inspiring, intelligent, and energetic personality that keeps the listeners hooked to his podcasts.

11. Relatively Prime

Relatively Prime is another interesting podcast with many episodes to entertain the listeners. The podcast has several interviews and stories of people from the field of mathematics. This podcast can simply make you fall in love with mathematics. Also, you will be able to learn and understand a lot of things and concepts if you listen to the podcast with complete attention and focus.

12. The Universe Speaks in Numbers

The host of the universe speaks in numbers podcast is Graham Farmelo; an award-winning writer in the field of science. In the podcast, the writer interviews some of the well-known and famous personalities from the field of mathematics and physics. The interviews with these personalities help you learn a lot and give you a boost of motivation and inspiration.

13. Make Math Moments Better

The podcast Make Math Moments Better targets all the teachers who are struggling to create a perfect mathematics classroom culture and engage their students. The hosts of the series Kyle Pearce and Jon Orr share amazing tips and tricks in every episode for teachers to help their students create an interest in the classroom. From Kindergarten to Grade 12, there are tips to grab the attention of every student.

14. The Numberphile Podcast

The numberphile podcast is hosted by Brady Haran, who interviews different people with an interest in Math in every episode. The host asks them why they love Math and numbers and other interesting questions. This podcast is an absolute treat to listen to for every person who loves Math.

15. New Books in Mathematics

If you are someone who loves reading and looking for new math-related books, then this podcast is for you. In the podcast, you will find the interviews of different mathematicians who are launching their books or have launched. This podcast is a great source for people to know about the new and upcoming math books, and where and how to read them.


Up till now, you have gone through our list of top 15 gripping and interesting math podcasts for students. Now, it is your turn to listen to these podcasts and learn new and exciting things about Mathematics. We ensure that you will find these podcasts interesting, and you won't get bored even for a second.

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