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Biology is the study of life, living organisms, facts, and specialist terms, making it an eclectic and diverse field to explore and learn. It is further divided into various branches and disciplines, and everything deals with the fundamental unit of life. You must study its basic concepts in-depth if you plan to become a biologist because it gets complex with increasing grades or levels.

If you struggle to grasp Biology concepts or are new to them, don’t mind taking extra help! My Tutor Source (MTS) takes the responsibility of pairing you with the best Biology tutor of KSA and improving results. So, fill in the Tuition Request Form now and get ready to take a Free Trial Session with a Biology tutor in KSA.

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Salem Al - Shammari
Salem Al - Shammari
Male 27 Years
3 years of teaching
Expert in Biology, Dept : Biology.
Qualification : Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science

Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science


Three years of experience teaching Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Laboratories Science in an academic field. I have highly extensive knowledge of all the subjects, and my expertise is in both online and home tutoring. 

Tutoring Approach

My tutoring approach is teaching students at their pace and putting extra effort into their weak areas. Before starting a session, I take time to know where my students need help and then help them make a study plan that covers all their points. Parents and guardians of students can reach out to me anytime. I believe students learn more when they get proper feedback and an encouraging learning environment. Students with projects and other queries can also connect me for guidance. 


Salem is the most amazing, dedicated, and well-organized tutor I have ever had so far. His methods of teaching are very professional, and my grades significantly improved. Highly recommended.


I would recommend him as one of the best Biology online tutors. His way of explaining theory and examples is very encouraging and professional.


Salem made everything clear, simple, and easy for me. I’d definitely recommend him.

Sadia Faisal
Sadia Faisal
Female 28 Years
2 years of teaching
Expert in Biology, Dept : Dept Of Biology.
Qualification : MS Biotechnology

MS Biotechnology


I can tutor Biology to all levels of students. I started my teaching career as a full-time teacher at one of the best colleges in Dubai, where I taught a plethora of students. Gradually, I shifted to online tutoring and started teaching students in one-on-one learning environment. I’m devoted to clearing the Biology concepts of students who want to study this subject to pass a particular exam or go further in this field.

Tutoring Approach

I use practical-based methodologies in my sessions, where students are asked to perform different tasks on their side. Apart from that, students are shown practical videos for better understanding. I also conduct monthly final-test to analyze the students’ performance.


Sadia is the absolute best! She made complex biology concepts easy to understand. She is highly recommended to those who need help understanding biology concepts.


She helped me better understand the core concepts of Biology. She listened to my queries and devoted enough time to answer them in each session.

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