Is Mobile Learning a Distraction? Mystery Resolved!

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Is Mobile Learning A Distraction? Mystery Resolved!

The advancement of technology in education has left us all stunned and amazed. The frequent introductions of newer EdTech platforms prove that technology is now an essential source to provide students with customized learning experiences. With that being said, the use of mobile phones for learning is growing day by day, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic when offline learning was not available.

We all know what mobile learning is, right? It means learning and understanding concepts by engaging in social interactions with the help of mobile devices (portable and small). Since mobile devices are compact, wireless, and portable, they are one of the top preferences of students.

However, these days, students have entirely forgotten about traditional books and offline learning and rely on M - Learning (Mobile Learning). However, this situation is concerning and alarming for some people. Some parents and teachers believe that mobile phones are one of the best distractions for students. So, how can they effectively learn with the help of it?

In this article, we will explain how actual this claim is, what people think about M - Learning, and if their thoughts are correct or not? Keep Reading; it will get interesting!

Myths About Mobile Learning

There are several myths about mobile learning, and people firmly believe they are true. Below, we are sharing some of those common myths and see if they are true or not. Read on!

Mobile Notifications Are A Distraction

Many people, specifically parents, believe that the constant social media or other random notifications students get on their mobile devices are one of the biggest distractions. This myth is somehow true but not a persuasive fact to make us stop using mobile learning.

Why? Well, because distractions are everywhere, mobile notifications are not the only ones. A student can quickly get distracted or encounter distractions if they are reading through a book or notes. So why are we confining the distractions to just mobile learning?

Remember, students will never get distracted by any distractions if the learning material is engaging and understandable, no matter what. Hence, the more interesting the content is, the lesser are the chances of getting distracted.

Small Screen Size Is Not Suitable For Learning

At the beginning of mobile learning, parents thought that the mobile screens were too small for students and children to learn effectively. Yes, we agree with the fact that mobile screens are way smaller than books and desktops. However, you need to know that iPad, tablets, and smartphones are also included in mobile devices. Do they all have a small screen? I bet no.

Moreover, the learning content for mobile devices is designed to fit the screen perfectly. You will never see too much or too less content showing. Also, the content will be in bullet points and infographics to fit the screens. With that being said, the learning effectiveness depends on the design strategies used for content on mobile devices. If the method and way of delivering content are accurate, nobody can stop the students from learning effectively through mobile devices.

Mobile Devices Can’t Support Complex Features

Another common myth people believe about mobile devices is that they can’t support and don’t contain complex features. However, that is not true. Mobile and portable devices can perform several complex tasks, and they do include beneficial and trendy features.

Imagine; mobile devices can support countless gaming and social media applications. So, how can they not keep simple and small learning courses? So yes, mobile devices may not support some features, but those features are not related to academics or learning. So, you can rest assured!

So, Is Mobile Learning A Distraction?

All in all, mobile learning is not a distraction, primarily if it is used the right way. If the right design strategies are used, and if the students are willing to learn, they can learn from anywhere. In fact, some students find mobile learning more engaging and interesting than traditional books and offline learning.

Final Words

There are countless myths about mobile learning and devices, and I hope our article busted all of them! Mobile learning has the potential to revolutionize the broad field of education of the world. With the right environment and strategies, nothing can go wrong with mobile learning!

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