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Top Qualities of a Good Teacher

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Teacher giving lesson

Teaching is a very honorable profession. Teachers play a key role in mentoring students. Students look up to their teachers, home tutors, and mentors, as role models. The role of a teacher requires so much more than just being able to teach. A teacher should be everything that a student should strive to be. Being a teacher is not an easy job. What makes a good teacher? It requires passion, patience, knowledge, and whatnot.

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.”

–Brad Henry

At times, a teacher takes the roles of a mentor, parent, friend, coach, and motivator. Numerous skills are required to be an outstanding teacher. A good teacher leaves a lifelong mark on their students. No matter where the students go in life. They always remember the lessons taught by their teacher. If you are a teacher, then make sure that you have these qualities and more. Being a teacher is not an easy job. You are the center of attention. Your every word and action is noted. Students look at you with great honor and respect. Some of them might even want to become like you. SO make sure that you give your best, and never stop learning.

Here, let us look at some qualities that can also be called, teacher of the year qualities. Every great teacher possesses these qualities knowingly or unknowingly.

1. Respects their Students

One of the best qualities of good teachers is that they respect their students. A very well-known saying goes like this, “Give respect and get respect.” If a teacher respects each and every student of theirs. The students will respect the teacher too. A good teacher values every student of the school. Each person in class feels like they are respected and heard. Such a good environment of class allows the students to learn better.

2. Develop Relationships and Communities

A teacher does not just go into the class to deliver a lecture. Teaching requires so much more. A good teacher is able to build a relationship with their students. Each student feels as if they have a special connection with the teacher. It allows the students to engage more and more. A good teacher changes their classroom full of students to a community. A community of people who respect each other and their opinions. The one who values one another. Although the teacher has power over them, there is a sense of friendliness. This makes it easier for the students to learn. The friendly environment of the class allows the students to feel comfortable which aids in better learning.

3. Love of Learning

A good teacher never stops learning himself. If a person teaches the same biology lessons to every class every year. He is doing no one any good. Whereas, if he expands on his knowledge every now and then, and learns more information. He will be able to deliver better lectures. Staying up-to-date and current is very important for teachers. As teachers provide education, they should have information about the current trends and issues. In this way, teachers will make it easier for the students to learn. Staying current, and learning throughout one’s life, is a great quality of a good teacher.

A teacher’s love of learning can also prove to be contagious. If the teacher gets excited about little things and immerses himself in learning about every matter, the students will feel the need to learn too. Whereas if the teacher remains unbothered, there is very little chance that the students would be interested.

teacher in classroom

4. Team Player

A good teacher acts as a team player. He or she encourages group work in their students too. Students learn to be better citizens in this way. Being a team player helps a teacher to engage with other fellow teachers and learn more about things. This allows them to possess more knowledge which also helps their students.

Being a team player allows a teacher to get a grip on their weak areas too. They can do so by collaborating with other fellow teachers. Being a team player will also help them learn new tips and tricks of teaching.

5. Patient

One of the qualities of a good teacher is that he is patient. Having patience takes a person a long way in this field. Teaching a class something for the first time requires a lot of patience. As the people learning will have a lot of questions about it. Being a teacher requires you to allow your students to make mistakes. And to do so, a great deal of patience is required.

Patience is required when students are unable to understand something or make the same mistakes over and over again. Rather than getting frustrated or scolding them. It is good to take a step back, relax and start again from scratch. As the teachers possess great knowledge, they go into the specifications instead of teaching the basics. This can be difficult for the students to understand. Always remember that patience is a virtue.

6. Comes Prepared

It is good to always prepare a lecture as well as yourself before going to class. No matter how many times you have taught the topic, always prepare fresh before a lecture. Do some basic research again. This helps a teacher to know if there have been any changes in the coursework.

Preparing beforehand boosts the confidence of the teacher. As the teacher has everything they need for the lecture, they deliver more effectively and efficiently. Preparing beforehand allows the teacher to communicate with students clearly and easily.

7. Unbiased

Being unbiased is one of the most basic requirements and quality of a good teacher. One should never have favorite students. Neither should a teacher favor one student over the rest. All students should be equal in the eyes of the teacher. Being unbiased helps in giving equal opportunity to all students. If a teacher is unbiased, the classroom has a positive environment. This boosts the confidence of students. Every student feels as if they are being heard and listened to.

8. Improves Themself

Just like every other professional person, a teacher should know that there is always room for improvement. Taking feedback from students is one of the strengths of a good teacher. And then working on themself with respect to the feedback is a skill to be an outstanding teacher! A teacher should always be ready to adapt to new and different situations. Bend themselves according to the requirements, and be able to become the best version of themselves!

These are some of the qualities that every great teacher possesses. A teacher should always remain flexible to the ever-changing needs of the dynamic environment. Being a teacher is a great responsibility and a lot of hard work. We would like to send best wishes to all the teachers out there. We are very thankful for their hard work.

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