Social distancing

COVID 19 has emerged as one of the most deadly viruses in history and has affected all continents. The contagious nature of COVID19 is not only restricted to humans and affected the whole world from every side. Humans are practicing social distancing, which results in less physical interaction, and as per human nature, the emotional vulnerability can lead to psychological distress.

Scientists are putting a lot of effort to find a cure for this virus. The government is coming up with temporary solutions, i.e., social distancing, and introducing the concept of being quarantined, especially for those who have been affected by COVID19.

The practice of social distancing has undoubtedly reduced the spreading nature of the virus, but on the other side, it has also negatively impacted citizens’ mental health.  Since people are forced to isolate themselves and having no physical interaction with other humans has led to severe phycological problems, people are becoming more and more depressed over time.

Recent research that focused on the effects of stress and trauma has discovered that “Events which are threatening, are uncontrollable, and have a lot of uncertainty are toxic to mental health.”

Humans are not designed to live alone; they need human interaction for their mental growth and social development. When it comes to kids, they are considered to be in their learning stages, and forcing themselves to practice social distance is a critical decision. Moreover, adults who are quarantined and not allowed to go out are dealing with severe depression and stress.

It is assumed that the more the person is busy, the more he is satisfied in his life. Furthermore, humans feel pleased as they contribute to the social welfare of the world in anyways and have a routine to follow, which makes them content.

As COVID19 came along with economic crises, many adults are dealing with financial problems, and the higher rate of unemployment is also messing with their psychological condition.

Indeed, social distancing has come along with many issues, but the invention is the mother of necessity. So, most of the parents using this time to spend time with their families, coming up with fun activities for their child, like drawing and teaching them cooking and other productive skills, which can also contribute to their personal development. Furthermore, the availability of internet connection has made people be in touch with anyone even if they are living in the other corner of the world. Apart from this, the internet is also helping children to carry on with their school through online classes. These children can also communicate with their friends over the phone, which has helped keep the situation stable. Online tuition in Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, and other countries has played a vital role in ensuring that the children get their education even if the schools are closed.

In conclusion, social distancing has reduced the spreading nature of the virus but has increased the rate of depression among people. Nonetheless, people are coming up with different ways to deal with depression and have started to accept this new lifestyle. As per human nature, they find it difficult to admit the change, but people accept the change and try to adjust themselves to this new change with time.

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