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Private and Home Tutoring Worldwide

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Private And Home Tutoring Worldwide
Private and home tutoring have been a part of this world for a long time, but they started gaining popularity recently, especially during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. Today, private tutoring is helping students from all over the world who need extra help in learning, understanding concepts, and obtaining their degrees with high grades.

The UK spends the most on private and home tutoring, according to research. After the UK, the rich African and Asian countries are the home ground of private tutoring. In Europe, Germany and Skandinavia are the most common places.

People are opting for private tutoring worldwide because the competition in the education field is increasing day by day. Also, the pressure of getting admission to universities and preparatory schools is also increasing. Moreover, the unemployment rate increases every year, which is a concern for parents. That is why they arrange private tutoring for their children and help them excel in their exams and studies.

In this post, we will share how private tutoring functions in different countries and regions, along with the rates and other detailed information. Keep Reading!

Private Tutoring in the UK

The UK is one of the top spender countries on private and home tutoring in Europe. They spend almost  £2 billion per year on private and home tutoring. These private tutoring sessions are taken by students and teachers working as personal tutors as part-time gigs or full-time jobs.

The starting rate of private tutoring sessions in the UK is £22 per hour, and the maximum rate is up to  £26 per hour. The residents of the UK ask for tutors for all grades; primary, secondary, and university degree assistance. Also, home tutoring services are utilized by 31% of upper-class families and 15% by middle or lower-middle-class families.

Moreover, home tutors are hired mostly for 3 common subjects; Maths, English, and Sciences. The reasons for private tutors being in demand in the UK is lower knowledge and lack of time by parents to help their children study outside of school. In short, private tutors works as a substitute for students of parental help in education.

Private Tutoring in Northern Europe

In northern Europe, different countries have different opinions on private and home tutoring. For example, countries like Norway, Sweden, Germany, and Finland have more trust in their education system and don’t believe in the effectiveness of private tutoring and tutors. However, if we talk about France, they opt for private tutoring and tutors even more than the UK, and they believe that the education system and schools are not enough for their kids.

But do you know what the most interesting fact is? Finland has the best education system globally; it literally tops the list. Also, the country has no league tables, no school inspectors, no exams, and they don’t assign homework that requires more than 30 minutes a day to complete. Moreover, the private tutoring market in Finland is zero like most other Northern European countries. So yes, some countries do have a great and remarkable education system.

Home Tutoring in Asia

Honestly speaking, academic excellence is extremely important for the people living in Asia. Their whole careers and lives depend on their academics and the grades they score on exams. That is why their academic performances are one of the best if we look at the global average. While on the other hand, academics are just a form of social advancement and a source of knowledge for people living in Europe.

The private tutoring market of the Asian country South Korea is more huge than any European country. South Koreans spend at least $15 billion per year on private tutoring and tutors. Also, this yearly rate is expected to grow more in the future.

In Malaysia, China, Japan, and Taiwan, the parents’ expectations regarding their children’s academic performance are high too. A normal family in these mentioned countries spends €800 to €1,500 per month on private tuition and tutors. In fact, students in Japan enjoy no holidays at all; they take private tutoring lessons 7 days a week (both in-person and online). Also, an average student in Japan studies anywhere between 10 to 16 hours a day. The same is the case with Sri Lanka.

Private Tutoring in India

In India, private tutoring and tutors are a necessity. In fact, private tutoring is a part of their education system now. However, private lessons in India are only affordable for middle and upper-class students; the rest rarely get tutoring services if their parents find the right resources!

In most countries, private tutoring is done usually in the evening after school. However, in India, most tutoring classes are early in the morning before going to school. Students from both public and private schools opt for private tutoring. The public school ones get lessons because they lack good quality of education, and the private school ones just get tutoring to score better grades.

Private Tutoring in Australia

The trend of private and home tutoring in Australia was never too crazy as in other countries. There was a very low percentage of people opting for private lessons, and that too has decreased now. Want to know why? Well, because Australia is making a major reform in its education system.

The country is dedicated to improving the quality of education in their public schools by making Kindergarten sessions more intense, teaching foreign languages, and prepping their teachers for more effective lessons.

Moreover, Australia is also introducing individual learning lessons between the students and teachers within the school. People can still opt for private lessons after that if they want to. But the country is trying its best to minimize it.


Now that you have gone through the entire post, we are sure you understand how private and home tutoring works worldwide. Every country has its own ratios and spending rates; some prefer private tutoring while some don’t. Still, private lessons and tutoring are common almost worldwide, and they are becoming a new trend.

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