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15 Best Math Movies For Students

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15 Best Math Movies For Students
Math is not just a subject, it is a part of our lives; no kidding here. Still, we have all struggled with math anxiety in our student lives, right? However, one thing we did not understand was that math itself was not difficult, it was the way we learned it - with zero interest. Now you must be thinking, how to make math interesting? What if we tell you countless movies can make you look at math in a totally different and cool way? Yes, you heard that right!

Mathematics is undoubtedly a difficult subject, and even difficult to portray visually in movies. However, still, there are tons of math movies that have a mathematical genius in the lead, the storyline or plot is somehow related to math, or features the true story of a mathematician.

So, are you curious to know about those movies? Don't worry. As always, we have got you covered! In this post, we are sharing the 15 best math movies for every math lover and student struggling with the subject will love. Now without making you wait any further, let us dive right in!

1. The Imitation Game

The famous movie Imitation game revolves around the life of Alan Turing; a cryptanalyst and a brilliant British mathematician. He leads a code-cracking team to help the world during world war ii, and he successfully helped in saving the lives of millions of people and ending the war quickly. He does this by creating the world's first computer and decoding the soviet messages like a PRO!

This movie is full of mathematics, complex numbers, and puzzle-solving scenarios. Also, it is an inspiring story that tells how math and mathematicians can change the world. In short, the imitation game is a treat for all math lovers.

The Imitation Game

2. Hidden Figures

If you are both a math and NASA lover, then the Oscar-nominated movie hidden figures is what you need to watch! The plot revolves around three African American women mathematicians, who are also working in NASA. This movie is not only about mathematics, but also about women's empowerment and the wonders they can do.
This movie is full of mathematics concepts like geometry, Euler's method, and more. These three women are trying to make paths for a spacecraft to orbit the moon and the earth. The movie explains that Math is just not a subject for men; women can also nail the subject and the space program too.

Hidden Figures

3. Man Who Knew Infinity

The plot of the man who knew infinity revolves around the real-life story of Srinivasa Ramanujan, a brilliant mathematician from India. Later, he goes to England to attend Cambridge and developed an interest in Mathematics. He contributed a lot in the field of Mathematics until he died at the age of 32, in 1920.
This movie also shows the beautiful friendship he had with his mentor, Professor G.H. Hardy. If you are a math lover, this movie is something you definitely need to watch! It is not very famous or well-known, but still worth spending every minute you watch.